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Deloitte provides industry-leading audit and assurance, tax and legal, consulting, financial advisory and risk advisory services. Our banking practice serves banks and other financial institutions around the world. Deloitte is a leader in helping banks with digital business transformation blending global reach with strong expertise in specific technologies like Thought Machine Vault.
ConvergePROSPERITY™ BankingSuite
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Deloitte Migration Accelerator
Deloitte Migration Accelerator is a highly flexible tool used for data migration to core banking systems. It has been used by a considerable number of Deloitte’s clients globally, and is now ready to support a migration to Thought Machine’s Vault.
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Vault Core x Salesforce integration by Deloitte
Deloitte’s Vault Core x Salesforce integration creates seamless data and process integration between cloud-native core banking and CRM solutions.
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