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The problem

  • Customer expectations are shifting to digital offerings and online banking services
  • Competition is on the rise with new fintech players entering and growing in the industry
  • Regulatory changes bring more disruption with unprecedented technological complexity
  • Falling behind with outdated legacy systems and workforce skill limitations
  • Seeing costly operational expenses rise

The solution

With a suite of digital capabilities rolled into one unified platform, BankingSuite offers a simple solution that can help banks quickly design and deploy customisable experiences and innovative service capabilities, while driving efficiencies forward. Composed of banking ecosystem vendors, a sleek, user-friendly interface, and capabilities that can be configured based on your unique challenge, banks can unlock innovation quicker and achieve their strategic modernisation goals to stay ahead of the curve. Whether they want to launch a new proposition or modernise existing business, with BankingSuite, we don’t just help banks write their vision, we help them build it – in weeks and months instead of years.

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Accelerate market offerings. BankingSuite’s ready-made infrastructure and functional blocks enable banks to bring new innovative products and services to market in months, not years.

Enhance reach and grow revenue. BankingSuite offers distinctive user-centric features and intuitive UI design out-of-the-box, helping banks to increase customer acquisition and retention.

Access the leading fintech players. BankingSuite is a bank’s gateway to a rich ecosystem of cutting-edge technology companies offering powerful integrations to take the organisation to the next level.

We’ve invested so you don’t have to. With BankingSuite, banks can skip the painful learning curve and achieve their objectives quickly by leveraging Deloitte’s decades-long investment in tech, people and alliances.

De-risk with confidence. With cyber security built-in, BankingSuite helps to ensure the appropriate measures are in place to meet financial institution standards for privacy and regulatory compliance.

Modular, composable architecture. BankingSuite houses a range of key offerings built on common building blocks, enabling users to assemble key banking functions with ease and flexibility.

Own your future. BankingSuite helps put banks in control of their proposition. They can orchestrate the platform with new capabilities, safe in the knowledge they’re rarely locked out of a third-party vendor.

How the solution works

ConvergePROSPERITY™ BankingSuite is a carefully composed ecosystem of digital components to accelerate transformation. Allowing banks to spend less time on building the fundamental capabilities of a digital bank and instead spend more time solving individual challenges and the things that differentiate them.

It’s a platform that is built around a cloud and integration fabric upon which Deloitte adds the building blocks that are required to deliver a modern platform accelerating delivery of the bank.

The fabric has been built with integration at its core and is pre-integrated with production-proven technologies and suppliers. These are carefully abstracted using an industry standard API design to prevent coupling and allow for client solutions or other providers to be integrated or swapped out easily. 

Banking Suite is made up of the following capabilities: 

  • Experience layer

Become the bank customers tell people about. Designed by Deloitte Digital’s UX specialists, BankingSuite’s configurable design system offers out-of-the-box user flows so banks can rapidly deploy customer-centric solutions across all digital touchpoints. Deloitte is incorporating key AWS and Amazon services, such as Amazon Pinpoint, for customer treatment.

  • Bank fabric - A composable banking platform

The integration backbone connects a bank to a broad set of ecosystem leaders through BIAN-compliant microservices, baking in lessons from Deloitte’s industry executions to allow for rapid integration and delivery of new propositions. They can fully integrate with legacy providers or bring in preferred fintech partners. Deloitte’s services provide standard and customizable customer journeys for key banking product sets. 

  • Pre- configured Core

Prepare for scale and speed at the heart of a bank with NextGen core migration. Through an industry cloud-based approach, BankingSuite leverages Deloitte’s extensive experience in executing core banking transformation to provide full integration into a third-generation core banking engine with Thought Machine.

  • Cloud-as-a-service

BankingSuite is designed to run in the cloud on any major cloud provider, like AWS, with high availability, scalability and security. Recognised by Gartner and ALM Intelligence as leaders in cloud services, we help ensure complete adherence to CISO and regulatory requirements so banks can be confident the infrastructure is helping to improve risk and security posture.

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