Integrations and real-time data

The Vault platform uses an API-driven architecture, allowing banks to build any stack they want. A bank can integrate with existing sources of truth and with other leading technology vendors.

Real-time data is also published across all components, giving the bank full visibility and instant access to valuable customer and system data.

Our platform allows banks to:

  • Increase their responsiveness to business change by enabling real-time actions to be taken based on streamed events
  • Have intra-day financial positions, real-time fraud detection, and up-to-date views on financial and operational risk
  • Use near real-time granular data to enable advanced analytic capabilities such as machine learning
  • Make changes to a product’s underlying smart contract without altering the downstream integrations that receive these events. Similarly, integrations can be changed without intervening in product functionality.
Integration Library
Banks have access to our Integration Library of connections to other leading cloud-native vendors across the entire banking stack.

The Integrations Library provides connections to multiple vendors across each part of the banking stack and for each segment (retail, business, Islamic banking) – giving banks the choice to build what suits their needs. Each integration can be adapted by the bank as required.

Integrations have been built by Thought Machine, the vendor, or developed with technology or consultancy partners.

For more details, read our blog.
Integration Library
  • Bank operations and call centre
  • Onboarding and digital experience
  • Origination and servicing
  • CRM
  • Open banking and aggregation
Customer knowledge
  • Decisioning
  • IDSV
  • KYC/B
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Insights
Moving money
  • Cards schemes and processes
  • Payments hubs and gateways
  • FX and crypto payments
Data and risk
  • Risk and compliance
  • Regulation and financial reporting
  • General ledger
  • Customer master / CIF
  • Data lake and warehouse
  • Document management
  • Collateral management
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