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Deloitte’s Vault Core x Salesforce integration creates seamless data and process integration between cloud-native core banking and CRM solutions.
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The challenge

Banks around the world recognise that keeping up with the latest technology is key to providing their customers with the best experiences and to ensure they remain competitive.

Digitalisation, including replacing core banking systems, presents challenges. It requires sufficient funding and resources, and the bank will have to organise their teams effectively to complete projects successfully. 

With legacy platforms, banks are constrained by siloed products and distributed customer data across multiple systems. It is therefore difficult for a bank to have one customer view, preventing a bank from effectively designing experiences around individual customers.

As regulators across the world endorse cloud computing, we are already seeing a global push towards deploying banking workloads into the cloud. Banks need to be underpinned by technology that can support this move at scale.

The solution

The Deloitte-built integration combines the power of Thought Machine’s Vault Core and the Salesforce Customer 360 platform to directly address these challenges.

Thought Machine’s cloud-native core banking platform, Vault Core, offers the highest level of performance, reliability and operational resilience to support any deployment type by a bank, while Salesforce provides a purpose-built digital platform for customer-centric banking.

By integrating these two platforms, we provide a powerful solution that improves efficiency and productivity for the bank, while also reducing costs.

The Deloitte, Thought Machine and Salesforce logos side by side

The solution integrates best-in-class cloud-native systems: Thought Machine’s core banking platform, Vault Core, with Salesforce’s customer relationship management platform.

Access data, automate processes

The solution provides a smooth and efficient flow of data and processes between the two platforms, Thought Machine’s Vault Core and Salesforce. By integrating these systems, clients can access critical data and automate processes with ease, resulting in improved productivity and streamlined operations. 

Flexible design, adaptable by banks

Our configuration layer allows for flexibility to suit a bank’s needs. Banks can change the information that is stored and fed to the transformation engine, such as data models, authentication methods and behaviour configuration. This provides an effective way for businesses to leverage the full capabilities of both platforms, maximising their potential.

Seamless connectivity, speed to activation

When a customer accepts a new product, such as a loan offer, the bank's employee can activate this via Salesforce as the customer's data is shared instantly via the integration. This also feeds into a bank’s ability to quickly enable product changes, which can be made through Salesforce and received seamlessly by Vault Core.

How the solution works

The Deloitte-built Vault Core and Salesforce integration ensures a seamless flow of data and processes, regardless of where Thought Machine’s Vault Core is deployed. 

The primary focus is on the integration service, which includes a core component – the transformation engine. This engine uses templates to determine how data should be exchanged between the two systems. In the case of the Thought Machine Vault Core and Salesforce integration, this is a set of connectors that will unlock the capabilities of both systems.

The connectors include:

  • Thought Machine Vault Core Connector: This connector integrates with the Core API of Thought Machine’s Vault Core.
  • Kafka Connector: This component has a set of subscribers and publisher components that can interact with events from Thought Machine’s Vault Core.
  • Salesforce Connector: The Salesforce Connector has a set of components that enables integration with the Salesforce Rest API, Platform events, and the Presentation Layer. The Presentation Layer is the component that is embedded within Salesforce’s technology, and can present and interact with data as part of the Salesforce user experience. It runs only on a user's browser.

By leveraging these connectors, the Integration Service provides a comprehensive and flexible solution that enables seamless integration between Thought Machine’s Vault Core and Salesforce. The Transformation Engine, combined with the Connectors, enables our clients to easily exchange data and automate processes across these two platforms, unlocking new capabilities and driving business success.

Learn more about our partnership with Deloitte and Deloitte’s Global Thought Machine Centre of Excellence

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