Thought Machine becomes a Google Cloud partner


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Thought Machine becomes a Google Cloud partner

Thought Machine - creators of Vault Core, a cloud native core banking platform - announced today at the London Google Cloud Next 2019 event, their partnership with Google Cloud. As a Google Cloud partner in the Partner Advantage Program, Thought Machine is excited to work closely with the Google Cloud team on new opportunities around the world.

Vault Core has been written from scratch by Thought Machine to be a cloud native modern alternative to the legacy platforms that plague the banking industry. Vault Core can be configured to run any type of bank and can implement the full range of banking products.

Most importantly, it enables banks to experiment quickly and offer its customers differentiated and personalised banking products. Its open and connectable architecture allows for integrating with other leading software vendors across the banking ecosystem.

Paul Taylor, CEO and founder of Thought Machine, said: “Many of our clients have already selected Google Cloud to run Vault Core on, and today’s announcements deepens the relationship further. We are delighted with the collaboration already happening between Thought Machine, Google Cloud and our clients.” He continued, “What excites me most is the transformational effect this partnership will have on the banking industry. It is time to consign the deficiencies of the legacy platforms to the past once and for all.”

Before founding Thought Machine, Paul led an engineering team at Google. “It certainly gives me great pleasure to work with Google again. I saw the unrivalled excellence of the Google technology stack first hand when I worked there. It is a great contribution to the technology world that this is now available to all.”

Derek Freel, Head of FinTech, UK/I - Google Cloud said: “This is the type of partnership that brings together the best of next-generation banking software with the scale and global reach of Google Cloud. With Thought Machine’s Vault Core already running on GCP and available now, we look forward to working with the Thought Machine team to bring Vault Core to more customers worldwide.”

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