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Build your bank by leveraging Xebia's suite of solutions with Vault Core as its foundation
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The challenge

New Age banks need more than just an off-the-shelf core banking solution to satisfy ever-greater customer expectations. While a pre-configured core offers a powerful “jump start,” banks often need to develop and deploy new capabilities around the core to deliver a steady stream of new products capable of outrunning competition and meeting FinTech challengers.  

In addition, many banks require consulting and systems integration services to smoothly integrate systems with a cloud-based core. In short, the banking challenge is multi-faceted and calls for diverse technical skills and deep industry knowledge.

The solution

Xebia's suite of solutions seamlessly complements the adoption of Thought Machine’s Vault Core, helping banks expedite their journey to market and enabling the swift launch of novel, innovative products. Our solution provides critical components that build a comprehensive and scalable banking platform.

In addition, the Xebia solution also provides a proactive customer servicing capability that digitises most common servicing processes spread across customer and account maintenance. These solutions harness cloud-native technologies that are meticulously chosen to align perfectly with the specific use case at hand.


Faster go-to-market

Multiple pre-built solutions integrate seamlessly with Vault Core, enabling banks to remain competitive in the face of ever-changing market demands. And our solution suite ensures scalability, security and compliance.

Foundation for creating innovative products:

Xebia solutions such as Transaction Categorization Engine and Real Time Experience Engine provide a bedrock foundation for banks to build innovative applications, such as Personal Finance Manager, or Real Time Offers and their fulfilment.

Cost optimisation

Our solution enables leaner banking operations, helping banks remain cost-efficient by digitising heavily used elements of customer service.

Access to expertise

Our solutions are built by Xebia’s banking domain experts, leveraging their many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of industry best practices.

Xebia’s Unified Banking Platform diagram
How the solution works

Xebia's approach of "Composing Around the Core" enables the best of both worlds, marrying the built-in strengths of Thought Machine’s Vault Core and their own intelligent layered solutions. Xebia’s solution includes a combination of components:

Customer Information File (CIF): 

  • Enables banks to create a customer golden record that supplements Vault Core’s product information.
  • Provides a comprehensive data model that encompasses both operational and analytical attributes. 

Unified Transaction Store Powered by Transaction Categorization Engine and Gen AI

  • A real-time streaming solution that analyses and classifies financial transactions as they stream out of Vault Core, to identify the purpose of transaction. 
  • Uses Machine Learning and Generative AI to understand the context of each transaction, and enriches it with merchant name, category and locational attributes. 
  • Provides a bedrock of enriched data to power innovative solutions like PFM and Recommendation platforms. 

Real Time Experience Engine

  • Leverages Customer Genome Model to generate data-driven and hyper-personalised real-time recommendations.
  • Provides enterprises with a single platform to power multiple use cases, for example, Servicing, Sales, Offers, Charges, Fees and Loyalty Calculation. 

Unified Customer Servicing: 

The solution is built on the Appian low code platform and is comprised of multiple components:

Customer 360

  • Includes customer profile, product portfolio, channels, leads, cases, next best actions, deliverables data, and more. 
  • Powered by Vault Core and other Xebia solutions, CIF, Transaction Categorization Engine and Real Time Experience Engine.

Universal Search

  • Enables users to search for customers based on multiple parameters such as name, customer identifier, account number, phone, email, and so on. Powered by Xebia’s CIF solution.

Role Based Dashboards:

  • Provides relevant widgets and dashboards based on persona. 

Case Management

  • More than 25 processes across customer maintenance, account maintenance, cross-sell, upsell, channels management have been digitized, leveraging Appian’s workflow capabilities and Vault Core APIs.
  • Dedicated self-service configuration portal to build new processes.

Call Center Automation

  • The module is built using the extensive OOB integration capabilities of Appian, enabling seamless integration with the industry standard contact center platforms.

Xebia provides strategic consulting services as well as systems integration and software development. Our solution discovery process begins with understanding your unique brand values and specific challenges.

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Why the partnership?

The Xebia and Thought Machine Partnership delivers five game-changing benefits to banking customers: 

  • Faster time to market for new products
  • Seamless integration with ecosystem partners
  • Reduced cost of change
  • Reduced risk of failure
  • High level of scalability.

Our composable, cloud-native, API-first solution is highly configurable and delivers real agility at low cost.

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