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A seamless omni-channel customer experience that harnesses automation and delivers tangible digital transformation.
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The challenge

Manual processing is pervasive within banks today and leads to suboptimal and inefficient workflows; this is especially prevalent throughout the customer loan application lifecycle. Banks have multiple systems and handoff points when collecting data for loan credit decisioning. This leads to manual, slow, and sub-optimal decision-making and poor customer experiences.

The solution

Designed from the start to use artificial intelligence and deep learning, zoral supports an array of real-time data sources and powerful analytics to empower banks to manage, pivot and improve their decisioning across financial products, customer segments and geographies.

Vault Core’s integration with zoral enables banks and financial institutions to create dynamic and frictionless customer journeys. This is coupled with intelligent automation and decisioning across the entire loan management lifecycle.

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Increased efficiency and reduction in human errors.

Zoral’s world-class Intelligent Automation Platform leverages AI to facilitate automation across several banking functions from origination and customer onboarding to credit decisioning and fraud management which serves to drastically reduce manual work and human errors, increase turn-around-time and improve straight through processing. This contributes to reduced operating costs for the banking operation. 

Increased cross-selling opportunities

Improved data quality and customer insights allow banks to maximise the chance of  cross-selling other relevant financial products to customers, allowing banks to increase both customer mind and wallet share as well as increase customer retention. 

Improved consistency in approach towards risk, fraud and limit management

Designed from the start to use artificial intelligence and deep learning, zoral utilises multiple real-time risk data sources and powerful analytical tools to empower banks to manage, pivot and improve their fraud and compliance risk management. This also works to reduce 

How the solution works

zoral has built an integration into Vault Core’s orchestration layer in which data from our core engine is consumed by zoral’s intelligent automation platform for back-office operations management, workflow automation, data enrichment, aggregation, transformation, and de-duplication. zoral makes use of Vault Core’s real-time data feeds, coupled with zoral analytical data warehouse which stores additional origination, and decisioning data in business rules, workflows, and complex models to carry out automated decisioning, reducing the need for manual intervention across the entire product and customer lifecycle management.

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