Vault Core's integration to Tink

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Unlock the potential of open banking and a real-time core using Tink’s Money Manager product and Thought Machine’s Vault Core.
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Open Banking
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Thought Machine

The challenge

While we have made significant improvements in how personal finance management works, we are still not quite at the stage of machines making sophisticated financial decisions for us. Today, developers require a more nuanced understanding of money management to cater to lofty consumer expectations so they can deliver customers a consolidated, comprehensive view of their finances in one environment or app.

The solution

Tink’s Money Manager product lets banks easily build smart and intuitive services that make finance management a more engaging experience. Our integration with Tink’s Money Manager product enables banks to provide actionable insights derived from Vault Core data in real time, serving to increase customer engagement. 

Tink solution mockup

A seamless developer experience

From a developer perspective, the Tink platform is all you need to connect to thousands of banks, fetch up-to-date financial data, offer insights based on that data, as well as make payments. Vault Core’s API-first architecture makes this a quick and easy integration for a bank to deploy, providing a seamless developer experience. 

A highly configurable and modular solution

The integration developed by Thought Machine is highly configurable, modular and easy for the bank to manage and control. Money Manager is packaged as a modular set of components so developers at the bank can pick and choose the features they would like to implement. This approach is enhanced by Thought Machine’s development of the solution which allows a developer to easily enable or disable specific types of insights on the Tink console through an easy-to-use toggle against each insight type. 

How the solution works

The integration works by exclusively loading data from Vault Core into Tink by listening to the Vault Core Streaming API for account, posting and balance messages, then ingesting these into Tink by calling different Tink REST APIs. All relevant events from Vault Core are translated into Tink payloads, including Tink user, Tink account and Tink transactions. 

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