Vault Core's integration to Marqeta

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Thought Machine has delivered a solution with Marqeta that enables a digital-first payment experience for customers through real-time card transactions.
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Card schemes and processors
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Thought Machine

The challenge

Customers today expect a real-time, customisable payments experience that is available whenever and wherever they are.  However, legacy platforms have difficulty providing dynamic spend controls, real-time notifications, and visibility into transactions in real time. 

The solution

Integrating with Thought Machine, Marqeta brings speed and innovation to card issuing and processing. No longer are banks constrained by legacy technology: card controls, card transactions, and balances are available for customers in real time. 

Marqueta platform overview

Improved customer experience

Through the API-based integration between Vault Core and Marqeta, cardholders receive real-time updates to their card balance as they make transactions.

Digital-first architecture

Marqeta’s ​​secure, cloud-based development platform combined with Vault Core’s cloud-native design brings together two ‘digital-first’ providers, enabling banks to adopt a fully cloud and API-based architecture across payments and cards.

Increased flexibility for both the bank and its customers

Configurable aspects of the integration give banks more flexibility when managing their card programmes or when creating new card products. This allows for unique and tailored card experiences for the end customer.

Marqeta bank interaction image
How the solution works

This solution has been delivered through a direct integration between Vault Core and Marqeta. At the heart of the integration are mappings between Marqeta JIT requests (transaction events) and Vault Core posting instruction types. This mapping and integration allows for a more effective, efficient card management process for the customer (e.g. improved hold and release of funds via a customer’s card.) The integration brings to life use cases such as real-time purchases (including authorisation and settlement) and adjustments (such as increasing hold amounts). 

Clients may also pair this integration alongside a current/checking account, wallet product, or credit card product, as included in our Universal Product Engine and listed in our Product Library. 

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