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Rapidly deliver unparalleled experiences to your customers with Backbase integrated to Vault Core
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The challenge

Today’s banking customers expect instant and hyper-personalised journeys that simplify each aspect of their daily lives – including their finances. Incumbent banks are struggling to meet these new standards of expectations on outdated legacy technology.

The solution

Backbase’s Engagement Banking Platform enables banks to power seamless customer interactions and use a single orchestration hub for every digital touchpoint.

Thought Machine has partnered with Backbase to take the power of Vault Core’s Universal Product Engine with Backbase’s 50+ engagement banking capabilities to deliver flexibility across the full spectrum of digital customer interactions.

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Rapidly deliver unparalleled experiences to your customers with Backbase integrated to Vault Core

Increased configurability of the customer experience 

Backbase’s Engagement Banking Platform is built to drive conversions, minimise costs, deepen loyalty and drive growth. It offers turnkey processes and apps for customers and employees alike. Bringing together this flexibility in touch points with Vault Core’s smart contracts, banks can rapidly deliver highly personalised experiences to their consumers and increase market share.

Reduced operational complexity

Vault Core and Backbase have been designed as a single solution for all banking verticals. Bringing together our technologies allows banks to create a unified platform across all verticals and remove the historic issue of siloed stacks caused by legacy infrastructure.

Increased speed to market

The Backbase and Vault Core integration provides banks the speed and flexibility to orchestrate seamless customer experiences across any device, all on a single, unified platform. From customer acquisition, to customer servicing, customer loyalty and product originations, we help financial institutions surpass expectations at every touchpoint. This increased time to market is achieved by a cloud-native shared architecture, with a unified platform in both the core and the engagement layer.

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How the solution works

This solution has been delivered through integration between Backbase’s Digital Banking Services (DBS) and Thought Machine’s Vault Core. At the heart of the integration are the mappings between Backbase’s DBS Product Summary (Vault Core Accounts), DBS Balances (Vault Core Balance Live), DBS Transactions and DBS Payments (Vault Core Posting Instructions).

This mapping and integration allows for an end-to-end customer experience for viewing accounts, balances and transactions and allowing for flexible payment types from both web and mobile chanels with a single integration. 

Customers may also pair this integration alongside a current/checking account, wallet product, or credit card product, as included in our Universal Product Engine and listed in our Product Library.

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