Vault Core’s integration to Xelerate

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SunTec’s relationship-based billing management platform, Xelerate, complements Vault Core’s key capabilities to help banks deliver a customer first strategy, increase revenue and customer base, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.
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The challenge

When it comes to creating innovative products and unique customer experiences, a flexible architecture that enables quick go-to-market is key. 

The large dependency on legacy technology that is prevalent in banks today makes true product innovation difficult to achieve. This means banks cannot quickly respond to client demand and develop new products, features or offers to capture additional revenue opportunities as they are presented. 

This is leading to extended time to market and revenue leakage across the industry.

The solution

SunTec’s Xelerate platform, alongside Thought Machine’s Vault Core provides a clear solution to this challenge. 

Vault Core’s real-time data feed allows Suntec’s Xelerate platform to quickly calculate bundled product offerings on mortgages, current accounts, and investments.

This gives banks the ability to rapidly derive the right preferential fee or rate on key banking products and offer tailored customer journeys.  

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Offer tailored customer journeys and all-encompassing product offerings with SunTec’s Xelerate platform integrated with Vault Core.

A configurable solution

The integration is a parameter-driven solution which empowers business users to quickly and easily manage and set relationship-based pricing parameters through a configurable platform.

Accelerated speed to market

Vault Core’s real-time data feed alongside Xelerate allows banks to quickly go to market with the right customer offering at the right time in the customer lifecycle.

Hyperpersonalised customer experiences leading to increased revenue and customer retention

SunTec’s Xelerate platform alongside Vault Core gives banks a clear 360-degree view of their customers’ accounts in one centralised place. From this, banks are able to offer dynamic, relationship-based pricing and offers to customers who are most receptive and best-placed to take advantage. This improves customer engagement and generates revenue from cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

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How the solution works

By integrating to Vault Core, Xelerate consumes event information from Vault Core to Xelerate through a Kafka stream. 

A Kafka topic groups events into partitions which are replicated at scale. Xelerate then processes and consumes these events (e.g. transactions relating to mortgages or current accounts), resulting in a price recommendation, which is stored in Xelerate. 

Banks are then able to promote product offers and bundles, run and manage promotions and campaigns, and deliver customer centric pricing.

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