Vault Core and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Integration

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The challenge

Financial institutions are going through unprecedented change, facing new demands and priorities. These institutions are being forced to accelerate their speed of digital innovation to solve the pressing challenges of today's environment while planning for the future. Delivering the seamless digital experiences customers expect hinges on the financial institution's ability to connect the apps and data that make them possible.

True digital transformation is impossible using costly, time consuming and constantly changing point-to-point integrations. Banks want to launch innovative products and reap the benefits of real-time data but are constrained to the plodding speed at which legacy core providers operate. This legacy technology is a headwind to delivering exceptional customer experiences, creating a best-of-breed partner ecosystem, and delivering an innovative product roadmap.

The solution

Thought Machine and Salesforce have partnered to allow customers to easily establish real-time connections between CRM and banking core systems enabling a whole new world of optimised and automated banking processes. Banks can now engage confidently with customers with one synchronised view of their financial data, streamline and automate core banking processes, build compliance directly into business workflows and much more.

In addition to batch and real-time data synchronisation, Salesforce has developed the ability to utilise pre-built, functional APIs between Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and Vault Core directly within workflows. This supports numerous use cases previously requiring significant custom development. Processes such as customer onboarding, account opening and servicing, and transaction disputes can now be easily built using no and low code options directly within Financial Services Cloud. Other use cases include:

  • Synchronising customer ID between Salesforce and Vault Core
  • Retrieving and synchronising account information between Vault Core and Salesforce
  • Retrieving transaction data for a given account from Vault Core
  • Updating deposit account information on Vault Core (change fee parameter, refund fee)

Financial institutions can reduce development costs and accelerate time-to-market by connecting Financial Services Cloud to Vault Core using turn-key integrations from MuleSoft. This out-of-the-box, fully-managed integration leverages standards-based banking APIs for common processes that scale for high-volume transaction throughput. ‍

  • Better understand customers by leveraging pre-built integration use cases with BIAN-informed APIs for common processes such as retrieving financial transactions and updating customer information
  • Deploy fully integrated processes configured with clicks, not code
  • Reduce development costs and total cost of ownership with turn-key integration solutions purpose-built for banking
How the solution works

Vault Core and Financial Services Cloud have each implemented API interface capabilities which allow them to communicate externally with similarly enabled systems. Leveraging Mulesoft’s Connector for Vault Core as a translation and transport layer, financial institutions can easily connect FSC to Vault Core. 

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