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Working together to provide simplicity for banks and improved experiences for customers
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Building a digital-first, cloud-based future for banking

Case study 1

Publicis Sapient and Thought Machine delivered a large volume migration for a tier 1 retail bank in the UK. 

Together we’ve mitigated the risks to the bank and its customers and avoided the need for a ‘big-bang’ approach to migration.

Publicis Sapient’s product expertise and Thought Machine’s flexible software construct enables new and innovative products to be launched at speed, while also providing a path to migration for legacy back-book products.

Case study 2

In just 12 weeks, Thought Machine and Publicis Sapient built a working multi-product proposition for a large retail bank in Asia, simultaneously adhering to regulatory reporting standards in the region and the bank’s own general ledger requirements.

By demonstrating that the product could adhere to the complex regional tax-withholding requirement, we’ve proved that banks can be truly innovative while meeting the standards of their internal policies and external regulatory obligations.

Case study 3

Simplicity for banks, improved experiences for customers

Together with Publicis Sapient, we built a solution for a large retail bank to address two common customer financial pain points: how to save money and how to borrow money on a flexible ad-hoc basis. 

Our unique product combines a current account, savings account and lending facility, with two key additional features:

- A feature which encourages users to save by allowing them to allocate funds to a savings pot which pays increased interest on savings the longer the funds are held in the account.

- A revolving line of credit to meet short-term cash requirements.

- Combining multiple product lines in one platform brings simplicity for the bank and its operations – while providing customers with flexible borrowing terms and an enhanced digital experience.

Working together to provide simplicity for banks and improved experiences for customers

We can support Banks in building new products, migrating legacy back-books, and meeting tough regulatory requirements within country.

How the solution works

We have an established working model and delivery methodology that has been proven in the market. Working with Thought Machine’s Vault across regions have given us a breadth of experience.

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