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The challenge

Save time, save money, shorten the learning curve.

Use Ikigai Digital's Adapter to fast track your non-bank lender solution

We know that a business and its team has their own ambitions, preferences and vision. Ikigai's Adapter is here to complement this vision, not to alter it or force any compromises.

The pre-designed and pre-built components will not only de-risk delivery but also increase speed and productivity.

The solution

Ikigai's Adapter contains accelerators that cover product, engineering, cyber and governance.

Product accelerators:

  • Customer journeys - pre-defined customer journeys to help streamline UX
  • Design elements - complex drop-in UI components to accelerate development
  • User stories - collection of common, pre-existing user stories to re-use and recycle for the business

Engineering accelerators:

  • Sample apps – browse Adapter’s complete, end-to-end sample applications to experience different vendors
  • Accelerators – build on our bleeding edge accelerators to get a head start on the development ecosystem
  • Industry leaders – Ikigai’s team has 20+ years of experience developing digital or virtual banks

Cyber and governance:

  • Security – make security and user privacy one of the most important decision-making factors
  • Compliance – Ikigai’s team is experienced in dealing and complying with local regulators
  • Existing Datasets – our large collection of existing datasets will accelerate development
A mockup of Ikigai's NBL Adapter

1. Pre-built engineering patterns, pipeline, guardrails and adapters

Engineering governance, good practices and guardrails often mean the difference between launching a new product now or 6 months later. Ikigai’s frameworks provide a business’s team with the right tools, thinking and experience to get this right the first time.

2. Cyber, risk and controls that make sense, and are fit to purpose

Ikigai’s frameworks include a regulator tested, fit for purpose set of guidelines and principles to guide a new bank or product build. The team is also experienced in supporting engagement with local regulators and compliance teams to reduce the overall compliance and risk burden on a business’s teams, helping it launch sooner, safer, and above all, more securely.

3. Modern core banking with Though Machine’s Vault Core

Whether building a greenfield digital bank, or replacing or modernising a core banking system, Adapter comes with sets of libraries, patterns, smart contracts and migration accelerators to support a business’s teams.

A diagram of Ikigai's Adapter solution
How the solution works

Ikigai Digital non-bank lender Adapter provides an accelerated pathway to a fully functioning loan origination and management solution. It encompasses all the key functional building blocks through a tried and tested set of pre-built components and established governance and controls framework.

With Thought Machine at the core of the lending platform, Adapter closes the gap between the customer and the inner workings of the loan products. Leveraging years of experience building fully fledged banks from greenfield to run, Adapter can help organisations to begin offering lending products in a short period of time and ensure that they can continue to do so successfully for the long term.

Ikigai Digital can also upskill or augment internal teams to ensure a seamless switchover from Ikigai Digital to incumbent teams. Additionally, Ikigai Digital can manage a service on your behalf through deep understanding of what is required to successfully run complex financial services platforms.

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Why the partnership?

Ikigai Digital have some of the best talent in the market with experience of Thought Machine technology, and have a proven track record of being able to deliver and run Thought Machine solutions worldwide.

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