Vault Core’s integration to Formpipe

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Vault Core’s integration with Formpipe. Our solution provides the ultimate document creation, distribution and archiving platform to suit any banking vertical.
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The challenge

Increasingly banks and financial institutions require effective means to simplify processes, improve security, and provide more diverse service offerings for customers. To ensure a quick and seamless customer account opening process, banks rely on fast access and processing of documents and banking statements – ensuring customer queries are resolved quickly and efficiently.  

The solution

Our integration with Formpipe provides a best-in-class  document management solution connected to our modern core banking engine, Vault Core. 

Using the raw data output from Vault Core, Formpipe’s Lasernet solution allows clients to design, format, produce and distribute any type of banking documentation to the end customer with speed.

Vault Core, combined with Formpipe’s Lasernet solution, helps banks to significantly reduce the cost and time required to convert banking data output into multi-language letters, statements, and other banking documents. Additionally, banks can digitally archive all banking documents –  ensuring everything is indexed and securely stored real-time.

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Our solution provides the ultimate document creation, distribution and archiving platform to suit any banking vertical.

Reduction in time and effort for on-boarding new customers 

Our integration enables a seamless digital engagement experience for any customer journey or event, including onboarding, close of business statement runs, and on-demand document generation in response to customer interactions. With this solution, banks can exceed their customers’ expectations as well as improve security and identification. 

Enhanced customer journeys

Reduced friction from engagement with customers as well as enhanced customer journeys is enabled by providing personalised and on-demand document capture, generation or retrieval exactly when required.

Improved brand consistency and reduction in cost

Vault Core and Lasernet deliver consistent corporate branding across international documentation, while conditionally managing the content to meet different requirements. 

As the need for free-flowing integrated information continues to increase and moving from paper-based documents to electronic versions is becoming mandatory in many areas, our integration to Lasernet unlocks cost saving benefits along with added security.

An illustration showing the Formpipe solution as it would appear on a desktop monitor, on a tablet, and on a mobile phone
How the solution works

The integration with Formpipe’s Lasernet solution works by retrieving messages that have been published on to a Kafka topic. These event messages are then mapped to the Formpipe API calls.

Formpipe then makes use of the message to determine the routing and document transformation required for the specific use case. 

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