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An end-to-end solution to launch a cloud-based, digital banking entity
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Developing a digital banking entity on the cloud across multiple development teams can take a long time, and face significant project risks

The solution

BankLiteX is a single developers hub that enables banks to create and deploy a cloud based digital banking proposition faster than previously possible. It's pluggable components such as a pre-defined operating model and standardised business processes reduce time to market, lower project risk and optimise return on investment.

BankLiteX on a mobile

Customer-centric approach

  • Focus on customer experience using standardised and frictionless business processes
  • Multi-geography deployment while maintaining operation consistencies across the board

Effective risk and regulatory compliance management

  • Data protection in transit and at rest
  • Immutable ledger
  • Real-time transaction and financial data to enhance reporting capabilities

Reduction in operational costs

  • Improved development productivity by 40%
  • Controlled and predictable costs for ongoing operations

Acceleration of time to market

  • Reduced initial set-up time from six to three months
  • Ability to deploy new products in days
How the solution works

Thought Machine’s Vault Core is the core banking component providing the business logic, workflow engine, product management (Smart Contracts) and configuration.

AWS provides a secure, scalable and innovative platform in the cloud enabling Mox to meet regulatory requirements and develop new business models.

BankLiteX provides all the building blocks to deliver the digital channels, as well as the banking platform to support integrations with external service providers and the fintech ecosystem.

BankLiteX is based on modern technologies enabling collaborative methods to ensure efficiency across business, UI/UX design, DevOps and operations teams.

A single development hub provides a unified repository for all projects, technologies and programming languages – enabling safe collaboration across all teams involved in a business feature.

Vault’s single core approach across products and countries lowers risk associated with migrations.

The platform implements a Bank-as-a-Service approach, using APIs, delivering a seamless service across third-party apps, products, microservices and custom-made software.

BankLiteX, a fully modular system designed around Vault Core, empowers banks to deploy a cloud-based, digital bank quickly and at minimal risk.
BankLiteX, a fully modular system designed around Vault Core, empowers banks to deploy a cloud-based, digital bank quickly and at minimal risk.

Building a digital bank from scratch should not be an insurmountable task. With Vault as the core engine, AWS providing the infrastructure and GFT supplying their expertise – banks can go to market faster and at a lower cost than ever before.

Bradley Steele
Managing Director Global Partnerships
Thought Machine

With BankLiteX financial institutions are able to build custom end-to-end virtual banks in a very short time frame, minimising risks and keeping operational and development cost under control.

Manuel Lavin
Executive Director and Chief Digital Officer

BankLiteX provides dynamic scalability and ensures consistent quality and security across the full banking stack, from the core banking system to the digital channels and the integration with third parties.

Gonzalo Ruiz de Villa
Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer
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