ApPello collateral management integration

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The challenge

Today, banks’ collateral management systems are outdated and fragmented. Often collateral is managed in silos across an organisation – both geographically and across business lines. This makes the loan process difficult to manage, with large overheads increasing the overall cost. Banks struggle to get a holistic view of leverageable collateral, making the secured loan origination process clunky and manual.

The solution

This integration makes the origination of secured loans quicker and more seamless, underpinned by a flexible core banking platform. 

Thought Machine's integration to ApPello automatically streams loan data to ApPello’s collateral management system. The integration currently focuses on mortgage loans, but it can be extended to any secured loan type, allowing the bank to easily see changes to the loan product, such as repayments or parameter changes, quickly reflected in the collateral management system.


Reduction in operating cost

Operating costs are lowered by combining the straightforward product configuration and maintenance benefits of Vault Core’s smart contract functionality with ApPello’s collateral management system. Banks can make simple and quick changes to attributes, processes and eligibility rules. 

Scalable to different product types

The integration’s flexibility and scalability enables banks to easily extend it to different types of collateral and products beyond mortgages, such as movables and guarantees.

Optimised loan loss provisioning

ApPello’s collateral management solution gives employees at the bank end-to-end guidance from origination, registration, monitoring and maintenance, indexaction or depreciation calculation, revaluation, and termination processes. Coupling this with our real-time core delivers a state of the art loan loss provisioning process greatly reducing a bank’s operational risk.

How the solution works

Thought Machine has built an integration to ApPello whereby banks running on Vault Core that offer secured loans can allocate loans automatically to the assets via this integration. Once loans are linked to an asset, these assets can be managed, maintained and re-evaluated appropriately.

The integration exclusively loads data from Vault Core to ApPello by leveraging Kafka. The integration service has been designed to be horizontally scalable, simply by adding more replicas (pods).

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