Accenture Banking Personalised Experiences on Salesforce

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Accenture and Thought Machine, with Salesforce and nCino, come together to offer a unique, personalised banking experience.
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Financial Services - Banking
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The challenge

Today’s most successful banks meet their customers where they are, with appropriate offerings customised to their individual needs. Too often, this is easier said than done, particularly if working with rigid technologies. Knowing and understanding what is important to every single customer requires flexibility to serve personalised products and experiences that match their needs and values. What if your bank could do all this without having to rip and replace your current IT ecosystem? 

Banking Personalized Experiences on Salesforce is the first integration of Salesforce, nCino and Thought Machine, led by Accenture and powered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This ecosystem of market-leading providers allows banks to serve personalised products and experiences that match their needs and values.

The solution

Banking Personalized Experiences is a fully developed, rigorously tested, and operational codebase. Leveraging this asset accelerates a bank’s core modernisation efforts, establishing a solid foundation for a faster and more efficient transformation.


Implementing an ecosystem-integrated core banking solution offers unique benefits such as:

Enhanced customer experience

Revolutionises customer experience by integrating financial services into their preferred banking platform(s). It empowers banks to meet their customers where they are, providing seamless, personalised banking experiences.

Business expansion

Supports the development of new revenue streams and business opportunities. Banks can tap into new markets or expand foothold in an existing market by offering a wide range of products and services that meet evolving customer needs.

Faster time-to-market

Fosters product innovation and enables seamless integration of new products and upgrades into the existing ecosystem. This streamlines development, testing, and deployment, enabling quicker response to market demands and opportunities.

Better risk mitigation

Integrates with various banking ecosystem partners to enhance risk assessment and management and improve fraud detection and prevention.

How the solution works

Banking Personalized Experiences on Salesforce can be experienced across three key zones: SEED. GROW. HARVEST.

SEED: A personalised experience powered by data at the core.
  • The evolution of customer 360 using Data Cloud.
  • The power of real-time data powered by Personalization and Experience Cloud.
  • Creating 1:1 personalisation experiences, driving value and loyalty.

GROW: Unique customised loan enabled by Thought Machine.
  • For instance, a custom sustainability-linked loan enabled by Thought Machine’s Vault Core.
  • Customer management and loan origination through Financial Service Cloud and nCino.
HARVEST: Next-level service powered by Salesforce & Generative AI.
  • ServiceGPT for real-time call and case summaries and sentiment analysis.
  • Real-time next-best-action for bankers.
  • GenAI Assistant using knowledge, case, and customer details. 

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