Thought Machine’s Internship Programme 


Am I eligible for an internship at Thought Machine?
Thought Machine internships are open to students who are in their penultimate year of undergraduate study.

What types of internships does Thought Machine have?
While the majority of our internships are for software engineers, we have internships that span a range of departments. Previous interns have sat within our Finance, Client Delivery, Business Analyst, Partnerships, Communications, Business Development teams and COO Office.

When can I do an internship, and how long will it be?
Our internships are 12 weeks long and run during the following periods: May to August in Singapore, June to August in New York, and July to September in London. The dates for each internship are fixed and cannot be adjusted to accommodate personal holidays, etc.

When will applications open?
The application open date varies by location, but it typically falls in December/January.

What does the interview process involve?
All candidates who are longlisted will have a 15-20 minute phone call with a member of our recruitment team. This will provide an opportunity for you to explain why you are interested in Thought Machine/the role and why you would be a good fit. During this call, we will also be available to address any questions you may have.

If you are subsequently shortlisted for an interview, you will have a 45-60 minute interview with two members of the department you are applying to join.

For software engineering roles, the interview will consist of an algorithm problem to assess problem solving skills. For non-technical roles, the interview will consist of competency-based questions.
These interviews can be conducted either in-person at our offices or remotely. Our aim is to design the process to be as supportive and non-intimidating as possible. We are not looking to catch you off guard but rather to assist you in demonstrating the extent of your knowledge and abilities.

How are interns assigned to teams?
Team placement at Thought Machine is dependent on the company’s priorities leading up to the internship and is also influenced by the information collected during the interview process, including your experiences, interests, motivations.

What will I work on?
Teams propose well-defined and engaging projects for interns to work on during their time with us. These projects all have a significant impact on the company’s product design, clients, or strategy, which the intern can take ownership of. We ensure that these projects are not abandoned once the internship project is complete. Additionally, these projects are designed to provide interns with critical transferable and technical skills.

What else will the internship programme involve?
Our goal is to provide you with a well-rounded and comprehensive experience during your time with us. In addition to working on your individual project, we plan activities exclusively for your intern cohort. These activities will encompass a combination of learning and development workshops, 1:1 CV sessions, and social events.

Towards the end of the programme, you will prepare a final presentation covering what you have done in your time with us. This will be presented to a selection of Thought Machine employees and a member of our C-Suite.

I really care about my growth & development. What does mentorship look like?
On your first day, you will participate in the Intern Onboarding Day, allowing you to meet your cohort and gain exposure to the work we do at Thought Machine.

During your internship, you will attend Academy sessions covering our product, strategy and industry. These are designed to facilitate your familiarity with our company and internal systems.

Every intern is paired with a Manager and a Buddy who will closely collaborate with them throughout their internship. Your Buddy will be there to answer day-to-day queries, while your Manager will oversee your overall progress, ensuring you are continually growing and contributing to Thought Machine.

Additionally, interns will have a support network throughout the summer, which includes their Recruiter, an L&D Lead and their fellow cohort.

Will I be offered a permanent position at the end of my internship?
Due to the fluid nature of our headcount, we cannot guarantee permanent positions at Thought Machine one year in advance of graduation. However, if positions are available, we can assure a streamlined process should you express interest in joining our team. This process would entail a review of your internship feedback and an informal meeting with one of our managers. No formal interview would be necessary.

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