MuleSoft Connector for Thought Machine's Vault platform

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The integration, API, and automation solution for financial services.
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Integration library - data
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Thought Machine

The challenge

Customers expect more personalised experiences – given the amount of data that is available on them and their needs this should be achievable. Yet, data integration challenges persist across most organisations and especially in Banking and Financial Services. 

In fact, 68% of senior IT leaders say that a lack of data or system integrations create a disconnected customer experience. This in turn damages customer loyalty and retention. 

Source: FINS IT leaders Pulse 

The solution

The MuleSoft connector for Vault Core allows financial institutions to connect Vault Core to the banking ecosystem easily. The connector reduces integration development time and uses real-time data to power next-generation business processes. Financial institutions can accelerate speed-to-market by rapidly surfacing data from Vault Core via the connector and pre-built integration templates.

Benefits to banks

The MuleSoft connector, will offer the following benefits to banks:

1. Improved Customer Experiences: Banks can better understand customers by leveraging pre-built integration use cases with BIAN-informed APIs for common processes like retrieving account data and updating customer information.

2. Faster Implementation: Institutions are able to deploy fully integrated processes configured with clicks, not code.

3. Improved Efficiency: Development costs are reduced and banks’ total cost of ownership is lower with turn-key integration solutions that are purpose-built for banking.

How the solution works

The MuleSoft connector for Vault Core reduces development time by simplifying integrations to Vault Core, unlocking access to real-time data, and powering next-generation business processes. Banks can now utilise the MuleSoft connector to adopt pre-built integration use cases with BIAN-informed APIs for common servicing processes like retrieving account balances and postings as well as updating account information.

Beyond account servicing, the connector proliferates Vault Core’s real-time data and reduces the effort required to integrate to external applications powering banking operations. IT operations can now configure processes with clicks, not code, to accelerate value realisation and innovation.

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