Each bank deployment is
called a Vault Instance

Deploying Vault

Each bank deployment is called a Vault Instance – a fully self-contained, functioning bank in the cloud. Thought Machine can deploy a vanilla instance of Vault in a matter of hours.

Custom by design

A Vault Instance can easily be customised to provide whatever products, workflows, integrations and customer experience the bank desires. Here we show a few examples that Thought Machine has created internally, to demonstrate the wide-ranging capabilities of Vault.


Our take on a bank,
in use at Thought Machine

To demonstrate to outsiders what Vault is capable of, we created our very own version of a bank from scratch and called it Propellor, in the spirit of moving forward and seeing things differently. Using a prepaid infrastructure, Propellor is able to make real world transactions, which helps us road test our technology and sharpen the features we’ve packed into our showcase product.


Interface and UI

Thought Machine also developed the entire user experience and the whole look and feel of Propellor from day one.


Physical cards

Pre-paid debit cards are linked to Propellor and are in constant use by our staff to help us refine the technology daily.


Our boilerplate bank,
ready to deploy

Tomorrow is a fresh instance of Vault which was conceived with the idea of providing a banking experience far better than anything around today. Crisp, clean graphics, a smart user interface and a deeply empathetic approach has led to this unprecedented version of a digital banking experience which could be rolled out extremely quickly. All fully customisable, from the code in the smart contracts to the visual skin and branding.


Rapid Customisation

Whether creating a brand from scratch or implementing an existing one, our talented design team is on hand.


Complete experience

Each Vault instance controls the full user experience, from web and mobile apps to payment touch points.

A platform for big ideas

The power of Vault allows us to push banking into hitherto uncharted territories. Our Labs team love to experiment with the potential of the technology, from crafting money-saving indie games and designing mortgage-reducing apps right through to making physical products.