Tier 1 Wealth Manager

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About the bank:

The bank is a multinational investment bank and financial services company with more than $ 1 trillion in assets

Project overview:

  • The bank selected Vault Core to deliver on its vision of next-generation wealth management intersecting with retail financial services. Vault Core’s event-driven, real-time architecture was the only viable option to deliver on the bank’s ambitious future state.
  • The bank’s initial focus is to create a modern infrastructure that will allow it to offer bespoke products to its clients and cater to its high-net-worth clients
  • The new digital greenfield bank will enable it to expand retail banking product offerings for its wealth clients, allowing them to seamlessly shift between the two to deliver experiences dubbed ‘Spaces’
  • This engagement will begin with checking accounts leveraging smart contracts in Vault Core’s expansive Product Library. The product roadmap will ultimately expand into unsecured lending, mortgages, securities-based lending and more. 

Deployment approach:

  • Greenfield tech stack: integrating into the existing technology stack with a new digital bank for existing customers