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About M1:

M1 is an all-encompassing financial services platform offering its customers investment, lending, checking, and credit facilities through a single, user-friendly digital interface. M1 is building The Finance Super App®️ to scale and become a market leader in offering forward-thinking, consolidated financial services experiences.

M1 selected Thought Machine as the only technology platform capable of supporting its expansive, modern service—event-driven, real-time, scalable, cloud-native, and configurable.

Project overview:

  • The first product launched is its 5.00% APY high-yield savings account — the first stage of converting its total customer base of 1 million+ customers with $7 billion in assets to Vault Core
  • The plan is to progressively launch additional products across deposits, lending, mortgage, and more, ultimately moving its entire client base to Vault Core

Deployment approach:

  • Greenfield technology stack: launched a new product targeting the existing customer base first, followed by conversion of the entire product line